Symantec CEO Says Vista A No Go

Aron Schatz
February 13, 2007

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What a surprise that a company that tries to do security warns that Vista is not secure. I'm all for making things more secure, but what Symantec does is horrible by slowing your system down and making security through stupidity.


Microsoft says you have to buy Vista because it makes you much safer online than XP, or any of its previous operating systems. Do you believe that?
Thompson: Consumers should not be confused. Vista is not a security solution. Vista is an operating system, and Vista provides some very important advances from Microsoft's perspective and for the industry's point of view on building a more stable, more reliable, more secure operating platform, but people still need the efficacy that comes with the products that Symantec and others in the industry build, and so we should not be confused by the marketing rhetoric with what Vista is. It's a hopefully much better product than XP or any of its predecessors, but it's not a security solution.


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