Miro Wants To Be Android's ITunes

May 24, 2011

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I've used Miro a long time ago for viewing free internet TV. It looks like their branching out. You can see the iTunes influence in the new application (a bit too much if you ask me). Evidently, it will sync media with your Android device. Which is one of the few things that Android hasn't accomplished on it's own yet. I used to own a Cliq XT from Motorola. Motorola had it own syncing software similar to this, but it could only be used with Motorola phones. Recently, Google unveiled it own cloud music storage solution which I imagine will sync with Android. It will be interesting to see which way consumers choose to go. Desktop apps or the cloud......


"We set the bar very high. We want to be the open iTunes," said Nicholas Reville, co-founder and executive director of the Participatory Culture Foundation, which publishes Miro and the Miro Video Converter, a separate program that also comes baked into the standard Miro. "Millions and millions of people use iTunes and they do because they accept the restrictions, like with Internet Explorer. We see ourselves as the new Firefox." He also added that Miro has "around two million" monthly users.

Except for the lack of over-the-air synchronization, the new Miro is basically the old Miro plus DoubleTwist. If you haven't checked out Miro in a while, since Miro 3's redesigned interface the feature-heavy program has gotten much easier to use. It heavily resembles iTunes, with a left nav for navigating between your audio, video, connected devices, Amazon MP3 store, and Android marketplaces. The new right nav links to recently watched videos, recently songs played, and recent downloads, while the center of the program is where your media discovery and playback happen.



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